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Repair & Services - IT, Network equipment - Domain Networks

All Brands of IT Networking Equipment

Repair, Service & Support

"We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied before we consider a job complete."

Domain Networks stands behind it's work and completely supports mission-critical customer needs by shipping out replacement hardware the same day / overnight or for pick-up at our facility. By using our own people to test and (if necessary) rebuild our products, we can be certain about our promise.

We are a team of qualified professionals with extensive industrial exposure from 3 to 15 Years that brings to you a mix of youth and experience to take care of your entire Enterprise-wide and data communication requirements.

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Analyze Equipment


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Remote Support

Repair - Remote Support

Refurbish. Renew. Repair your Old Equipment.

We offer Asset Recovery and Buyback programs for your unused networking equipment, depreciated networking gear and offer decommissioning services of your non-functional and excess inventories.

Remote Support

Remote Support

We Offer Industry Leading & Fast Technical Support

More than an IT re-seller, we provide real-time support service for your ongoing IT infrastructure efforts. Our support team can remotely connect to your network and help troubleshoot and/or configure most all pieces of your computer equipment and network hardware.

We won't leave you standing idly waiting for a certified technician to arrive at the scene and check the faulty equipment. Domain Network's remote support saves time. Get in touch with us to provide some information about your business goals and we will get right on it.

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