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Asset Recovery - Domain Networks

Recover most value from surplus network hardware

IT Asset

"Buy, sell and trade used routers, switches and general IT hardware"

Industry leading specialists in network equipment asset recovery Offering equipment buy-back programs for used routers, switches & blade servers from Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda, Ixia, Dell, HP and many more.

Domain Networks offers Full Spectrum Asset Recovery. Buy, sell and trade used routers, switches and general IT hardware

When its time to replace, upgrade, recycle or refurbish your company IT network equipment or office computers, Domain Networks will manage all the logistics. Instead of throwing out and getting rid of your existing IT network hardware, make better use of its value with our Buy-Back Program.

Regardless of where you purchased your office computers or IT network equipment you can begin the buyback program by contacting us online or by phone. We will inspect the products you wish to sell or trade and if we feel we can repair or retrofit the items to current performance standards, we'll pay you top dollar or give your premium credit for everything on the spot.

Buy-back Program

Our buy-back program is designed for you to get the maximum return on new, refurbished and used Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda, HP, Dell and other major brand name IT network equipment routers, switches and servers.

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