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IT Equipment Rental or Lease - Routers, Servers - Domain Networks

Flexible Rental Solutions to Fit your Needs

IT Equipment Rental/Lease

"Whether you need to rent equipment for minimum of 1 week to year. We has a flexible solution for you at great prices & fast delivery"

We provide a vast array of options for Cisco Equipments, HP IBM and Dell Server on rentals. From short term rentals to long term leases we've got a flexible solution to best fit your needs.

Whether you need to rent equipment for minimum of 1 week to year. We has a flexible solution for you at great prices & fast delivery.

Whether you'd like to test a system before investing in a purchase, or require a remote lab for training purposes, Knowledge Computers can design a solution for your requirements. If you determine that you would like to purchase the equipment your rental costs can convert over to a portion of the purchase price.

Domain Networks is the largest Rental Equipments Supplier of in India, we are recognized as a Rental Vendor for Cisco Equipments and Servers, provide prefect solutions for all your business, We carry full range of Refurbished & Used Cisco products such as Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Firewalls, Wireless, VOIP and Cisco memory, providing the highest quality, strongest warranties and fastest delivery.

Reason for Renting Equipment

Disaster Recovery

Staff Cisco CCNA/CCNP/CCIE labs for training before exams

Data Center Conversions

Testing a remote office solution before deploying

Short Term Requirements

Trade Shows or Conventions

Convenient Rent / Leasing Packages

Research & Development

Hardware failure replacement

Benefits of Renting Equipment

No large capital expense

No need of huge capital investments and no maintenance expenses

Current technology solution

Stay up to date with the technology you use. Using latest technology improves performance.

No budget constraints

Avoid budget constraints for projects and invest the savings wisely.

Products for Rental

All rental hardware comes configured as requested with the appropriate modules, and memory features. Once you receive the rental equipment, our certified engineers are available to answer any technical questions you may have.

IT Equipment rental
Cisco Equipment : Routers
  • Cisco 1900 Series Router
  • Cisco 2900 Series Router
  • Cisco 3900 Series Router
  • Cisco 7200 Series Router
  • Cisco 7600 Series Router
  • Cisco ASA9000 Series Routers
  • Cisco 1000 Routers
Cisco switches
Cisco L2 and L3 Switches
  • Cisco 2900 Series
  • Cisco 3600 Series
  • Cisco 3700 Series
  • Cisco 4500 Series
  • Cisco 6500 Series
Cisco IPS firewall
Cisco Security & Firewall
  • Cisco PIX Firewall
  • Cisco ASA5500 Series
  • Cisco IPS & IDS Firewall
Cisco access point rental
Cisco Wireless
  • Cisco WLAN Controllers
  • Cisco Access Points
  • Cisco Antenna and cables
Cisco UCS m1 series rental
Cisco UCS
  • UCS C200 M1 server
  • Cisco UCS C210 M1 server
Cisco port Adapters
Cisco Modules
  • Cisco Network Modules (NM)
  • Cisco Modules Port Adapters(PA)
  • Cisco Modules WIC / VWIC / HWIC / EHWIC
IT equipment rental - servers
Servers and storages
  • IBM AIX Power6 Servers
  • IBM iseries
  • IBM Intel Servers
  • HP Itanium Servers
  • HP 9000 Servers
  • HP9000 Workstations
  • HP ProLiant ML, DL Servers
  • Dell Power Edge Servers

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