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Network Infrastructure Upgrade - Domain Networks

Upgrade to a network that's built for Future

Network Infrastructure Upgrade

"Network infrastructure is the heart of your business, we make it faster & reliable"

Domain Networks offers a complete network infrastructure upgradation solution customized to your needs and budget. We understand the challenges involved in network upgradation - be it strengthening security capabilities, supporting more mobile solutions, meeting the expectations of your customers and replacing your old hardware. We are here to help transform your network for the new digital age.

Networking Upgrade

  • Cisco Flash Cards
  • DRAM Memory
  • Network Modules
  • HWIC
  • SM-NM
  • WIC
  • VWIC
  • SFP and GBICs etc for all serial  routers and firewalls.

Server Upgrades

  • For Servers
  • ECC Registered
  • Fully Buffered Memory
  • Processors
  • Motherboard
  • HBA, RAID card, Power Supply and server chassis

Why Upgrade Network?


Decrease Cost


Enhance Productivity


Save Time on Redeployment


Minimize Upfront Cost

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